Non-Scale Victories

-Gah- I’m so sorry that I have been a bit M.I.A.
I am currently down in Texas visiting my family and helping my sister celebrate her birthday as well as her bridal shower! What-What!

I’ve been thinking about this post for a while now, why? Because I am one of those “I HATE THE SCALE” people :: can I get an AMEN to that?!? ha-ha okay ladies, seriously. In a world that revolves around numbers and sizes, I feel like we really need to focus on those simple Non-scale Victories! (NSV) for short. I used to weigh in e-v-e-r-y Wed, I called it.. weigh in Wed. One pound down (sweet!) the next week.. 2lbs up. uh, what?? However, my clothes were fitting looser and I could tell in just my face, hands and feet alone that I was loosing weight. hmph. So I said “Hey scale..what the heck is wrong with you?”… I got nothing back. Lame.
So I let out my irritation rant on Instagram (@NLWGetsfit) and another one of my fitness followers told me “Don’t forget, muscle weighs more than fat.” OHHHH DUHHHHH. *face palm*. THAT my friends, is when I decided that I was done with the scale & I gave it a nice “Bye Felicia” and put it away.

I started focusing on measurements, my jean size around my waist, my face and honestly just how I felt. Thats whats important, right? Making sure YOU feel great, I call that the endorphin high, its a beautiful thing.
Some of my favorite NSV’s are simply when I do a face to face.. I use my before face picture from back in November and then when I’m feeling pretty, Ill take a new updated face picture and compare. It’s a confidence booster & reminds me of why I’m doing this..

Yesterday I took Joseph on a Target run and some other errands. I threw on a fresh out the dryer pair of jeans and noticed they were kinda loose (awesome-sauce!) well, by the time my errands were done, Joseph had fallen asleep in the cart and i’m trying to carry him out to the car while also trying to keep my pants up. -sigh- I kept reminding myself HEEEYY! NSV for the win! Right now, I am in between two sizes..and every day I ask myself..”why don’t you just wear leggings, lets be honest self..Jeans suck.” Once you go leggings you never go back, right?

My biggest NSV yet is just the fact that I’m being told that I am inspiring others around me..and even across the country! I have SO much support and have run in to a few people at the grocery store who have told me that I look great! 😉 My confidence and energy level is on the rise and that to me is an amazing NSV!

So, tell me. What are some of your favorite NSV’s?? Weather its eating better, going to the gym twice or more a week, getting up early to work out or maybe the energy and confidence? I wanna hear it!
Where do you get your support or motivation from? Do you talk about your journey on Facebook/Instagram or twitter?